Organisational Structure and Location

The German Toilet Organization (GTO) is a non-profit NGO, founded in Berlin in October 2005. The GTO is a network of people, who combine their expertise of various professions, working towards common goals. The GTO's Headquarter is located in Berlin - Neukölln, Juliusstraße 41.


To protect the environment and improve public health by raising awareness of, and providing people with, clean and sustainable toilet and wastewater treatment systems.


Access to clean toilets and sustainable sanitation systems for all.

  • Public campaigns and the use of innovative communications tools regarding toilet and excreta management systems
  • Raising awareness and spreading knowledge worldwide (as a partner of the UN) through presentations, events, speeches and discussion
  • Capacity building for fellow employees of other NGO´s (mostly in Germany)
  • Projects centred on the sustainable improvement of toilet and excreta management systems with a special focus on schools (e.g. our school project in Zambia)
  • A school programme in Germany to raise awareness among students of existing sanitation problems in their school and in developing countries
Short History

The GTO started its work with projects to promote and improve toilet and excreta management systems in Zambia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Since 2005 the GTO has hit the headlines with its worldwide touring campaign "Sanitation is Dignity". The campaign aims at breaking the "toilet taboo" while focusing on the severe issue of toilet and excreta management systems. As one third of the world's population is living without primary sanitation accommodation, the matter is hardly joking.

In 2008, the GTO became an official partner of the United Nations for the International Year of Sanitation. With support of UN-Water, the GTO was able to take the "Sanitation is Dignity" campaign to over 50 cities world-wide.

For the first time in 2009, the GTO started its educational project for school children with an overall developmental objective "Klobalisierte Welt", carried out with pupils from Berlin, annually since then. In this connection, pupils are being enabled to take the broader view and are being sensitized in dealing with their own school toilets. Furthermore, on the basis of jointly implemented public events, pupils learn how civic involvement can actually work.

Based on its expertise on the subject of WASH (Water-, Sanitation- and Hygiene), the GTO provides a series of seminars for skilled employees and committed people with an overall developmental objective, since 2010. Seminars take place in various parts of Germany, a number of times during the year.  

Likewise, the GTO played a decisive role within the founding of the WASH network in 2011 and functions as its secretariat since then.

In the course of its engagement within schools, the GTO had to sorely experience, that the situation of school toilets in Germany is often as equally shocking as in countries with sanitation crisis. With the school competition "Toiletten machen Schule", the issue has been brought to the attention of the public in 2013. Schools were called upon to creatively prepare concepts, aiming at the sustainable improvement of their own school toilets.

Now, international projects, educational work, campaigning, lectures, talks and presentations, and much more go hand in hand, leaving the GTO team rarely to rest.