Athletic support

The Frisbee Team "Mierda Wehrda" supports the GTO by Merchandise sales. A big Thank you to the team.


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Toilet training CD and book

Sabrina Richard supports the GTO with her book and CD sales "Pipi-Kaka-Land", a different way of toilet training for children.


Toilet training with an educational and psychological effect.

The story about "Pipi & Kacki in Pipi-Kaka-Land" gives parents and children an opportunity to experience the phase of toilet training with a portion of fantasy.

Without the pointing finger and in an entertaining way the children learn about washing hands, putting down the toilet seat lid and not to throw rubbish into the toilet.


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Support the GTO with every internet search you make!

Search the internet and every second click earns the GTO a cent!


The new search engine does more than just answer your questions,  it also allows you to choose a charity which you can support simply by carrying out an internet search.  And the best bit... it doesn't cost you a penny!


Benefind works by donating its profits to your chosen organisation, so just choose the German Toilet Organization and with every search you make the GTO will receive half a eurocent. And when you consider that over 100 million searches are carried out every day in Germany alone, then you realise how quickly the pennies can add up! What's more, you can rest assured that you will receive an excellent service as the whole system is powered by Microsoft's Bing search technology.


The goal of Benefind is to to support recognised charities that rely on donations to operate, with private companies, organisations and volunteer supporters all working to support the work of Benefind.  As a socially conscious organisation, Benefind combines commercial principles with charitable goals to the benefit of the organisations with which it works, and all profits are chanelled directly to the charities themselves. And, of course, you, as the user, bear no costs whatsoever. 

In order to help, you needn't register nor incur any costs at all.  But, what do you need to do then? Simply use Benefind as your standard search engine and you will be supporting the German Toilet Organization with every search you make!