November 19, 2012

"Toiletten machen Schule" - toilets set an example!


World Toilet Day: the German Toilet Organization proclaims a nationwide competition for pupils for the improvement of toilets and washrooms in German schools.


We want to invite the press to an early launch of the competition "Toiletten machen Schule" in form of a press conference on 16.11 - and obviously friends of the GTO are welcome as well! 


"Schule machen" literally translates to "make school" but also means "set an example".


Press invitation (only in German)

Press pictures


November 9, 2012

13. Benbi 2012 - "Planet kostbar - Wie isst die Welt?".

The GTO was represented again at Benbi (Berliner entwicklungspolitisches Bildungsprogramm) - the Berlin development political education program - from 05.-09. November.


The topic this year was "Planet kostbar - Wie isst die Welt?" Planet valuable - how does the world eat? ("kostbar" translates to valuable but "kost" for itself also means "food". "Isst" translates to "eats" but when pronounced also sounds like "ist" which simply means "is".)


Together with pupils and with the help of pictures, posters and films we worked out what toilets have to do with food and nutrition.


Together we looked at the everyday life of children in other countries:

How are germs transmitted?

What does is mean not to have access to a toilet?

What are the problems we face and what do they have to do with the toilet?

How can we build a compost toilet? 

What is the link between food and natural fertilizers? 


More info on benbi here!



September 3, 2012


Guts for Change reached their funding goal


Guts for Change reached their funding goal

Thanks to everyone who supported our Guts for Change Project so far! The first goal, to collect 10.000 € for toilets in India, has been reached!! The teammember of Guts for Change are in Iran at the moment and will probably reach Garade, India, beginning of october. If we manage to collect another 5000 € till then, we would be able to build up 15 more toilets than already planned.

Please also check our Facebook Page to be up to date!


Click here to support the project

Click here, for more information about the project


Video: Toilets can Save Lives


Annina Bornstein likes our work and wanted to support us.

She decided to make this great movie which explains the importance of toilets.

Thanks a lot for the work and the commitment.

Have fun and watch the movie...



July 12, 2012


Water, Sanitary Supplies and Hygiene for Everyone!

Finally: the WASH network is publishing a position paper together with VENRO on the topic WASH.

As a member of the WASH network and the NGO alliance VENRO, the GTO helped to put together this paper. On just seven pages we go to show why water, sanitary supply and hygiene are a human right and what we and politicians can contribute to supplying everyone with water and sanitary facilities and to help internalise and implement principles of hygiene.


More info 


Download position paper

New Merchandising products have arrived

Finally new and old merchandising products have been delivered. In addition to our old products we have now expanded our stocks with baby clothing and shirts for women.

To see all our products, which will also support our projects, click here:


GTO Merchandising

July 17, 2012

Next training on sanitation in Hamburg!

The GTO is pleased to be able to offer a seminar in northern Germany! From 4th-5th August we are holding the "SanABC" seminar in Hamburg. The "SanABC" provides the participants with a basic understanding of concepts of sanitation and sewage treatment that are locally adaptable. The seminar is aimed at NGOs and interested individuals. Please sign up until July, 27.


Download program and application form

July 7, 2012

GTO celebration

On July, 7th we had our first GTO summer celebration. With about 30 members, sponsors, interns and volunteers, we visited the sewage treatment plant in Stahnsdorf. The personnel  gave an informative talk and a tour around the plant and we were able to try out separating toilets. Afterwards we met for a barbecue in our office's garden in Friedenau and Petrus meant it well with us!


Thanks to everyone for the beautiful celebration and to all members for their support in organizing the get-together. We're looking forward to next year's celebration!

June 7, 2012


The GTO is participating at the Kenako-Festival 2012 in Berlin!

From the 8th-10th June the Afrika-Festival will take place. The GTO will be present with an information desk to inform about the tremendous deficts in worldwide sanitation coverage. We will also promote our projects to ameliorate this situation in India, but there are a lot of opportunities to learn about the many different African cultures and the sanitary situation there.

June 5, 2012

Umweltschutz klobal denken! - Think Global for Environmental Protection

Umweltschutz klobal denken! is a german wordplay and a protest slogan used by three Berlin schools for the Environment Protection Day 2012 (Max-Taut School, Lichtenberg; Leibnizschool, Kreuzberg and Peter-Lenné-School, Zehlendorf). With their protest they point to the tremendous deficits in worldwide sanitation provision and show how appropriate sanitation systems can contribute to protecting our environment. 


They transformed a conventional portaloo that used chemicals into a progressive Green Toilet. Beyond the Green Toilet, other creatively designed toilets which represent possibilities to protect water, agriculture and energy resources will be presented to the public. Green Toilets produce biogas and manure, they don't stress the water supply and are therefore useful for people in subsistence farming or with poor access to global markets. Furthermore they augment crop yields without importing chemical fertilzers and protect forests by reducing the amount of needed firewood. Finally minimizing the impact of water contamination through remains of feces also prevents illnesses like diarrhea. 


Through fundings of the state of Berlin, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Developement and the support of cws-boco this protest could be intiated by the German Toilet Organization. 


Links to participating schools:

Peter-Lenné Schule, Max-Taut Schule, Leibnizschule


April 15, 2012

Guts for Change starts at Brandenburger Tor

Members of Guts for Change Tour introduce themselves, their project and motivation.