November 22, 2017

Stockholm World Water Week 2017


This year's World Water Week took place from 27th of August to 1st of September 2017 at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). The theme of this year was “water and waste – reduce and reuse”. The GTO, as every year, was engaged in several events:


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June 14, 2017

GTO Summer party in Storkow

On a sunny day and with many toilets the GTO-Team celebrated a summer party with their families, volunteers and members. First stop was the museum of Storkow which stages a special exhibition on the history of toilets: “Drauf Geschissen!”. In the development of the exhibition the GTO supported the museum with information on “How water saves lives”. In addition the GTO presented the museum with two “Sanitation-is-Dignity” figures last Sunday. The guided tour was both educational and entertaining regardless of whether you are a child or a toilet expert. In the afternoon there was a great picnic at the lake in Storkow.

We would like to thank the museum of Storkow for breaking the “toilet taboo” with their interesting exhibition. Definitely worth visiting!


About the exhibition (in German)

February 06, 2017

Sanitation ABC

What are the challenges of a sustainable sanitary design within projects of development cooperation? Which are possible technical solutions and how can they be suited appropriately to the particular context? Our “Basic seminar Sustainable Sanitation” gives answers to questions like this.


From 3rd to 4th of February we were in Bonn for a two-day training course talking about relevant technologies, tools and methods with representatives of NGO’s and interested students. In the process, the participants could test the imparted knowledge on specific case-studies and share and discuss their own experiences within the group.


The seminar was supported by BMZ.

January 30, 2017

Toiletized World Junior
Vorbereitung zur Klo-Demo

The past two weeks have been really eventful within our school work. We worked with two primary schools on the topic of water and sanitation, worldwide, as well as within their school. The participating kids were very creative and enthusiastic and implemented their ideas on how to present everything they had learned to the whole school. There were self-made posters, a crafted toilet, decorated with special messages, painted toilet seats and Tippy-Taps. The Kids also organized a Toilet-Demonstration inside the school building with the slogan – “every butt needs a loo”. The whole engagement impressed us very much and motivates us, to work in schools in the future.

Training on hygiene education

Hygiene and its immense importance in everyday life was in the center of our basic seminar "Hygiene Promotion and Behaviour Change" in Berlin last Friday and Saturday. The participants from all over Germany learned a.o. various approaches to health education and change of behavior and got an insight into the most effective hygiene practices.

Special thanks go to Ina Jurga from WASH United for her contribution as well as the participants for many exciting inputs.


The seminar was funded by Engagement Global on behalf of  Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

January 18, 2017

Sanitation seminar successfully completed


What is the Latin word for shit? What do you have to consider whenever you want to build a toilet and how is it possible to use urine as a fertilizer? These and other questions were part of the basic seminar "Sustainable Sanitation" that the German Toilet Organization (GTO) conducted last friday and saturday.

The two days were not only filled with a lot of theoretical input, but also with practical exercises: The participants were creative and built a UDDT (Urin-Diverting Dry Toilet) and a so-called tree toilet or "Arborloo" out of pizza boxes and other things. We'd like to thank the participants for their interest in our work and the entertaining days that we had. See you next time!

The seminar was funded by Engagement Global on behalf of  Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

January 3, 2017

#6 WASH ePaper - The New Urban Agenda

The 6th WASH ePaper is now also available in German, French and Spanish

Click here to access the download versions.

On the eve of the HABITAT-III Conference in Quito from October  17-20, 2016, the sixth issue of the WASH ePaper is devoted to the central topic of the conference, the "New Urban Agenda“. The current edition reflects the discussion and the strategic options in the WASH sector, addressing the New Urban Agenda's blueprint for the management of urban water supply and sanitation. The content of this issue is mainly based on presentations from the Conference “Key Elements of a New Urban Agenda”, organised by BORDA in Bremen, Germany.