March 21, 2014


Dialogue with the Parliamentary State Secretary

On the occasion of World Water Day 2014, members of the WASH Network met with the Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Silberhorn by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Together we talked about future strategies and projects.


More information can be found on the WASH Network website:

November 18, 2013


Urgent news: World Toilet Day 2013

GTO is collecting donations for the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.


This year’s World Toilet Day is a very special one - as for the first time it is recognized as official World Day of the United Nations. Unfortunately this special appreciation of our dearest invention is overshadowed by the tragic events taking place in the Philippines.

From successful development projects to emergency relief after the tropic storm “Washi” we as an organization are closely connected to the Philippines. At this hard time we also feel obliged to support our local partners.

For this reason we appeal for donations for save sanitation for the typhoons’ victims. More information on our donation project you can find on our donation page.



1st German Toilet Days

Together with a broad alliance of German NGOs the GTO is celebrating World Toilet Day 2013. This year the UN General Assembly declared World Toilet Day as an official World Day of the United Nations. Reason enough to celebrate together with our partners from the German WASH-Network.  

With a variety of different activities we want to reach as many people and decisions makers as possible. The 1st German Toilet Days start on November 15 with a two days expert symposium in Bremen. On Friday, November 15 there will be a big "Celebrate the Toilet" party in Berlin and on Saturday, November 16, starts an exhibition on “toilet art” in Heidelberg including an auction for a good cause.


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Wohin gehen wenn nichts mehr geht? - Where would you hide?

That was the motto of the workshops for Berlin school pupils, arranged by GTO for the 14. Berlin education fair “benbi”.


This year we were also represented at “benbi” (Berliner entwicklungspolitisches Bildungsprogram) – the Berlin political development education program. The topic this year was “Bewegte Welten – Wie weit können wir gehen?” Moved Worlds – How far can we go? From 4 – 8 November children got the chance to participate in workshops and inform themselves about different areas of development cooperation. GTO volunteers discussed together with the participants the situation of people who live in crisis regions and refugee camps and have no access to clean toilets and sustainable sanitation systems.


Here you can find more inforamtions about the GTO and benbi

Here you find out more about benbi


November 4, 2013


School toilets and sleeping facilities for an all-day school in India

Our cooperation with the Guts for Change crew is taking on the next round: After the successful bike tour from Berlin to India and the following dry-toilet construction in Darewadi 2012/2013, a second project will be implemented in the village of Kuregaon, 49 miles away from Pune, where a day school is in desperate need of toilets and sleeping facilities for its’ pupils. The project will be a new cooperation between the German Toilet Organization and the Crew of Guts for Change together with the Ecosan Services Foundation as well as the local Indian partner Sevadham Trust.


Detailed information of the project you can find here …

Further information about our first joint project are to be found here …


October 1, 2013

GTO goes Ethiopia

Training of Trainers workshop preparing local partners in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia for CLUES


The GTO is glad to record on an exciting workshop about Community-Led Urban Environmental Sanitation (CLUES) in Ethiopia. CLUES is a planning approach, developed by EAWAG, which is generated especially for the urban and peri-urban context. The objective is to conduct the planning and implementation of participatory solutions of sanitation systems in order to ensure high acceptance and ownership for these sanitation solutions as well as its service.

The workshop was conducted in Bahir Dar in collaboration with Welthungerhilfe and its local partner organization ORDA.

We want to thank all the participants who have contributed to the workshops’ success with their great engagement. We are looking forward to the second part of the training in December and the projects proccess.

August 16, 2013

We proudly present ...

Finally we’re there. Christoph Nick, member of the GTO, put a lot of effort into a movie, featuring our first project at the Pestalozzi school in Lusaka, Zambia, which, being our first one, especially means a lot to us. In cooperation with Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) and the Water and Sanitation Association of Zambia (WASAZA) we constructed a wastewater treatment-system which not only produces biogas for cooking in the school kitchen, but also delivers filtered effluent water for watering the crop plants in the school gardens. Sit back and enjoy!
Find more information and updates of the project here




A High Five for the WORLD TOILET DAY

Finally it’s done. The work of many NGOs to achieve the human right to water and sanitation has brought about another moment of success. In its resolution “Sanitation For All”, the UN announced November 19 as World Toilet Day, in order to support a broader approach to water and sanitation efforts reached through better co-operation between member states, UN-organizations, NGOs and other stakeholders.

The World Toilet Day puts the importance of having access to sanitation onto the public agenda. Therefore, another important step on the way to removing the sanitation-taboo and to strengthen the topic has been done. Last but not least, the World Toilet Day will hopefully serve its deal to help those without access to adequate sanitation and to giving lots of girls the opportunity to go to school while menstruating. Sanitation is dignity. We’re looking forward to the World Toilet Day!



"Loovolution" Our new bags have arrived!

Finally! The GTO Merchandise selection has been enriched. From now on, you can purchase our new super-cool shoulder bags in blue or black. The trend-conscious loo-supporter carries the motto "Loovolution is when everyone has one" (in German) around the world, casually hanging on her/his shoulder.


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Basic Seminar SanABC in Berlin

The past weekend has been an exciting and informative one. On Juni 22/23, we conducted the basic seminar "sustainable sanitation systems within development cooperation. All those very interesting inputs and experiences of the participants have enriched the seminar tremendously. Thank you so much for the great participation! We hope that plenty of new knowledge has been gained and are looking forward to seeing you again soon. This can already happen in the near future, namely on Juli 20/21 in Hamburg for our basic seminar HygABC: "Hygiene education within development cooperation and emergency relief".


Click here for registration form (in German)


Click here for more information (in German) 

Next seminars coming up

Working as an expert in the development or humanitarian aid sector and interested in WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene)? Perhaps otherwise commited to the field? Then sign up for one of our weekend seminars!


Basic Seminar: "Sustainable Sanitation" | 22.-23.06.2013 in Berlin


Basic Seminar: "Hygiene Education" | 20.-21.07.2013 in Hamburg


For more information please click here.





KE NA KO Afrika Festival 2013

KE NA KO – It’s time – is the motto of the Africa-festival on Alexanderplatz in the middle of Berlin this year, from Mai 23 till Mai 26. The German Toilet Organization will be represented by our dynamic volunteer team, who is going to promote water and sanitation at the stand. Amongst other things, the festival offers an exciting mix of various events such as cultural stages, a marketplace, movie screenings, discussion rounds, lectures and workshops. Emphasis will be put on the 50 year existence of the African Union.

Become part of the campaign – “Voices for Sanitation” – at the stand of the GTO! Your voice against the sanitary state of emergency. Instead of signing for the cause, we will take a picture in order to become part of this crucial campaign. Come around and take a look!



Would love to know more about sanitation?

Then come to our next Sanitation Training Course (SanABC) which will take place in Berlin, June 22/23. Primarily, it is aimed at persons working in the NGO sector but also other interested persons can attend this weekend course.

Furthermore, we would like to welcome you to our other training courses:

  • HygieneABC (hygiene education seminar): Hamburg, June 01/02.
  • SanABCplus (advanced sanitation training): expected to be held in July.


For more information please click here.


We look forward to receiving your application!



Here come the winners!

Today, the winners of this year’s national school competition “Toiletten machen Schule” were celebrated on the occasion of the trade fair “Wasser Berlin International 2013”.


There were four main prizes, going to the primary schools Wellesweiler (federal state of Saarland), Quentin Blake Europe School and Schule am Weißen See (both from Berlin). The secondary school Ernst-Reuter-Gesamtschule (federal state of Lower Saxony) also won one of the main prizes. In addition, eight other schools received special awards (see below for a list of the winners and jury statements).


Congrats to all winners! Last but not least, many thanks to all who have invested their energy in working full of vim and vigour on the issue of school toilets!


Press Release (in German)

Press Photos (awards ceremony)

Press Photos (main prize schools)

List of the winners and jury statements (in German)



The winners of this year's school competition "Toiletten machen Schule" have been chosen!

Taking part in our competition, seventy-nine schools from various federal states in Germany have launched initiatives to improve their school toilet. A jury - consisting of sanitary experts from the GTO, representatives of their partners and the Berlin pupil representative Sascha Schneider - has chosen four winners.

On April 25, they will be honoured at the trade fair “Wasser Berlin International 2013“. The prizewinners can look forward to a renovation and refurbishment of washrooms and toilets, one for girls and boys each.


Download Press Invitaton [german only]



Next to come: Hygiene seminar HygABC

Our next training course will be held in June. The hygiene education seminar HygieneABC will take place in Hamburg, June 01/02. Moreover, the seminar SanABCplus is expected to be held in July. We look forward to receiving your application!


For more information please click here.





Dirty Water on World Water Day 2013

Having given a press conference, the GTO and about 200 school students met with Minister Niebel (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) in front of the Berlin Brandenburger Tor. In order to draw attention to the 783 million people living without access to safe drinking water, the Federal Minister was handed over a bottle filled with “dirty water”. Subsequently, the students performed a water walk to the train station Friedrichstraße and took a loud stand for sanitation and safe drinking water. Thanks to all the participants for having made a noise for this cause!


The following links will lead you to the press release as well as some photos of our big day.


Press Release (german)






World Water Day coming up

Having become tradition, the GTO will seek to make a statement on World Water Day - 22nd March - concerning worldwide drinking water and sanitation poverty. To this end, Berlin school students and the GTO will present dirty water to federal minister Niebel in an attempt to underline that almost 1 billion people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion people lack appropriate sanitation. In the afternoon, the GTO and its WASH network partners will participate in a 6km symbolic water walk.


10.30am Brandenburger Tor - 12.30pm train station Friedrichstraße

GTO school event - including the presence of federal minister Niebel at the Brandenburger Tor as from 10:45am. Starting 11.15am, about 150 students and GTO members will perform a water walk from Brandenburger Tor to Dorothea-Schlegel-Platz (train station Friedrichstraße).


3pm Dorothea Schlegel Platz - 6pm Wassertorplatz

Demonstration #LassLaufen ("Lets Walk") organised by our partner Viva con Agua – a 6km walk from Dorothea-Schlegel-Platz to the Kreuzberg district. You will find more information using this link.





Colourful and Clean Toilets at the Berlin Wilhelm-Ostwald-School

As an independent precursor to our school contest "Toiletten machen Schule", the Berlin Wilhelm-Ostwald-School proclaimed an internal Creativity Contest as early as in 2012. This was in order to put an end to the disgraceful state of their toilets. Students were able to develop several proposals, of which the best were implemented.

While Gina Braumann and Anthony Krüger were pointed out as the winners of the competition, the implementation of their concepts took about four weeks. As part of the inauguration ceremony, the German Toilet Organization could take a look at the sparklingly clean, student-friendly toilets on 22 January 2013. The stylish rest rooms with their combination of cool graffiti and a modern touch are now open for the students to use.


Happy New Year!

The GTO-Team wishes you all a successful new year! The first training courses will start in February. There will be a basic course SanABC in Hamburg and also a Hygiene ABC in Cologne. We look forward to your applicaton!


More information can be found here.




"Toiletten machen Schule" - toilets set an example!

World Toilet Day: the German Toilet Organization proclaims a nationwide competition for pupils for the improvement of toilets and washrooms in German schools.


We want to invite the press to an early launch of the competition "Toiletten machen Schule" in form of a press conference on 16.11 - and obviously friends of the GTO are welcome as well! 


"Schule machen" literally translates to "make school" but also means "set an example".


Press invitation (only in German)

Press pictures



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Benbi 2012 - "Planet kostbar - Wie isst die Welt?".


The GTO was represented again at Benbi (Berliner entwicklungspolitisches Bildungsprogramm) - the Berlin development political education program - from 05.-09. November.


The topic this year was "Planet kostbar - Wie isst die Welt?" Planet valuable - how does the world eat? ("kostbar" translates to valuable but "kost" for itself also means "food". "Isst" translates to "eats" but when pronounced also sounds like "ist" which simply means "is".)


Together with pupils and with the help of pictures, posters and films we worked out what toilets have to do with food and nutrition.


Together we looked at the everyday life of children in other countries:

How are germs transmitted?

What does is mean not to have access to a toilet?

What are the problems we face and what do they have to do with the toilet?

How can we build a compost toilet? 

What is the link between food and natural fertilizers? 


More info on benbi here!


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