benbi 2016: flight, migration and toiletised world – where to go on the run?

Between November 7 and 11, 2016 the 17th Berlin Development-Policy Education Programme (benbi) took place. This year’s focus of the event was on the topic “fast-moving world – why do people leave their home?”.


This year the GTO was part of benbi for the 6th time and conducted workshops with different groups of students. Following the slogan “Toiletised world – where to go on the run?” they were able to inform themselves interactively about the topic of flight and migration in connection with sanitation:


Why are toilets in refugee camps important? Are toilets important to me personally? What does an aid organization have to be aware of if it is building toilets in refugee camps?


Based on different methods, the students were able to become aware of consequences resulting from the lack of toilets. As an example a toilet from the German Red Cross was examined which can be quickly installed in crisis areas as well as the contents of its hygiene package which is given out as standard. 


benbi is taking place annually since 1999 in the second week of November and is coordinated by the Center for Ecology and Development (KATE). It primarily addresses children and youths of classes 3 to 13 from Berlin and the surrounding area and comprises a comprehensive education offer including workshops, cinema forum and interactive moderation. Aims of benbi are to question stereotypes, self and outside perceptions through Global Learning. At the same time it should awaken pleasure and inquisitiveness to make people aware of the economic, social, cultural and political conditions of people in other parts of the world.


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Berlin Development-policy Education Programme (benbi)

From the 9th -13th of November, it was time for us, to participate in the benbi 2015 (Berlin Development Education Program)

This year’s theme was “Future-RICH Worlds – How do we encounter abundance and deficiency”. Under the motto: “Whether rich or poor – on the toilet we are all equal”, we implemented fourteen workshops with students of all ages and examined how it can be, that one third of the world’s population does not have access to adequate sanitation facilities. Is the toilet really a luxury item? And what are the possibilities to take action against the existing shortcomings? In 2016, we will participate again and are very much looking forward!  


Toilet Ahoy!




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Berlin Development-policy Education Programme (benbi)

For the 15th time the "Berlin Development-policy Education Programme" (benbi) will be held from 10 to 14 November 2014 at the FEZ Berlin. This year´s topic is called "Fair worlds - How do we share in a fair way?" We are proud to participate in this project with aligning workshops to the topic sanitation supply and the human right to a toilet.

Students from grade 3 to 13 can explore global connections and can reflect their own consumption and behavior patterns in developmental workshops of over 20 non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In addition to the 90-minute workshops the students can take part in other activities, such as a thematic cinema forum with age-appropriate short films and subsequent phases of reflection, an interactive cultural programme and a panel discussion for students of the secondary school level.

The registration of school classes is possible from August 25 to October 31, 2014 on the website of Kate eV.




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Wohin gehen, wenn nichts geht? - Where would you hide?

That was the motto of the workshops for Berlin pupils, arranged by the GTO for the 14th Berlin education fair "benbi" (Berliner entwicklungspolitisches Bildungsprogramm) the Berlin development political education program.


From 4th to 8th of November 2013 children got the chance to participate in workshops and inform themselves about different areas of development cooperation. The topic this year was "Bewegte Welten - Wie weit können wir gehen?" (Moved Worlds - How far can we go?) GTO volunteers discussed together with the participants the situation of people who live in crisis regions and refugee camps and have no access to clean toilets and sustainable sanitation systems.

Using charts, small experiments, comics, role plays and a quiz we gave an introduction to the different topics. The pupils got the opportunity to discover how you can improve the access to sanitation systems in slums and refugee camps. They put together a dry-separation toilette, used a TippyTap and found out how Peepoobags work. In a theater workshop pupils of 10th grade could discover what obstacles people who live in slums and refugee camps meet when they try to find a toilet.


We hope our participants had as much fun as we had!


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