My School Loo - Hygiene education with the GTO

The GTO, as partners with UN-Water, has developed a hygiene education tool-kit for use in countries lacking adequate hygiene conditions. My-School-Loo tries to revolutionise hygiene education through the use of creative material such as comics and card games, which minimise the need for written language.




Bring My-School-LOO to your school! The GTO invites schools and organisations to join us in implementing the tool-kit.

"My School Loo" Comics

Key element of the "My School Loo" programme are the sanitation comics. You can print them in standard-paper-size or poster size, in colour or black and white. 


"Who Is the Enemy?" Character Introduction Poster

The character introduction is designed for poster size or standard-paper-size prints. This product defines the role of the characters that play in the sanitation comics.

"My School Loo" Individual Picture-Cards

The individual picture-cards have been designed to be printed (front only) six cards on one standard sized paper (cut out for square size 2.5x3.5 inches [6x9 cm] ).

"Beat the Germs" Card Game

The cards are designed with front and back side and should ideally be printed on heavier paper or cardboard, standard-paper-size. Alternatively you can print them on normal paper and glue them on heavier paper. This makes shuffling, dealing and playing with the cards easier. Cut out the cards.

Puppet Theatre

A whole set of theatre scenery and puppet characters are available as print files. The children can cut and paste to create the puppets and scenery themselves by means of the provided materials. Print on standard-sized paper.

Invitation Poster for "My School Loo" Contest

The invitation poster can be used to invite the public to your contest. It has been designed for individual use; you can add (through printing, writing, sticking) your logo, location, date and other relevant information about the contest in the prepared blank spaces. Print on poster- or standard-sized paper.

Winner and Participant Certificates

You can use the ready-made winner and participant certificate to award the winner(s) and participants of the contest. Like the invitation poster, they have been designed for individual use; you can add (through printing, writing, sticking) information like winner's / participant's name, date, school, class, partner's name, location, signature, stamps etc. in the prepared space. The certificates are designed for standard-paper-size prints.