Dry Toilets for India

10.000 kilometers for Toilets in India

A bicycle ride for a good cause.


For every kilometer one Euro. At the end of their ride the group "Guts for Change" will start a sanitation project in Garade near to Pune. They already left Berlin at the 15th April 2012. The German Toilet Organization and Non-Water Sanitation supports this project, while the local partner the Ecosan Services Foundation will implement the facilities.


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Team of Guts for Change

Guts for Change

Ambious and a bit crazy: 10.000 km with their bikes through Europe, Asia Minor, Iran and Pakistan to India. Erik, Maushami, Johann und Thomas wand to send a clear message to inspire other people to change the world, as small this support might even be.


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Dry toilets

The region of the City of Pune has long dry seasons. Therefore it is only logic to use non-water toilet systems to secure local resources and to reduce the problems of the huge undersupply of sanitation systems in India.




An important part of Dry Toilets is the separation of fluids (urine) and fazies. These components can be reused for fertilizer or other possible uses such as gas or coal production which all strengthen the local economy.




The Sketch show the construction design of the dry toilets. The elevated structure enables an easy exchange of the biomass and limits the accmulations of odors through the ventilation pipes.

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