Toilets and sleeping facilities for a full-time school in India

Our cooperation with "Guts for Change" is proceeding:


Project background: In Kuregaon, a village 70km from Pune, an entire all-day boarding school urgently needs toilets and sleeping facilities for 438 pupils and 27 adults. The school currently has only four working latrines and nearly 70 % of all school children have no other option than to practice open defection. In addition, there are no adequate sleeping facilities. Currently there are 10 classrooms, in each of which 40 children also stay overnight. The health condition of the children is disastrous. The pupils are often sick and regularly suffer from diarrheal diseases and worm infestations and on average miss 20 school days a year due to poor health.


The project: Until the end of the year 2014, we would like to provide the children and adults of the Adhivasi Ashramshala Residential School with school toilets and sleeping facilities. The project has two major components:


Part 1: Construction of dry toilets and hygiene promotion: A toilet block with 16 dry toilets (8 for girls, 6 for boys and 2 for the teachers) will be build to supply all school children and adults with decent and sustainable toilet facilities.

The construction of the entire toilet complex costs 7,200 Euro (450 Euro/toilet). In addition we will conduct trainings for local masons and do extensive sanitation and hygiene promotion and awareness raising. This includes the use of the MY SCHOOL LOO hygiene promotion materials of the GTO, addressing menstrual hygiene management issues and using the Fit for School approach that integrates supervised handwashing with soap as part of the daily school routines. The costs for this activities is around 2,800 Euros.

Part 2: Construction of sleeping facilities: As part of the project 75 bedrooms will be build for around 6 kids/room. The rooms will be arranged as bungalows with a park and play areas in the centre and directly connected with the school and the sanitary building via illuminated paths. The overall construction costs are 10,000 Euros.

The project will be implemented by Sevadham Trust with support from ESF, and in close cooperation with the GTO and Non-Water Sanitation. GTO will forward the donated funds to 100 % to the Sevadham Trust in India who will use it entirely for the project. 









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