Sustainable sanitation for Lumbia

Nearly every second household in Lumbia, a district of Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines have no excess to adequate sanitation. Those who have toilets either direct the wastewater from pit latrines into the groundwater or via drains into the closest river. The consequences for the environment and the health of the population are severe. 

Recently interest in and the popularity of sustainable sanitation systems have risen in the Philippines. Still, for most poorer communities like Lumbia this remains unaffordable.

Therefore the community has asked the GTO for financial and tecnical assistence.

In a pilot project our local partner the Sustainable Sanitation Centers (SuSan Center) of Xavier University (XU) Cagayan de Oro had build 20 toilets.



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Project goals
  • improving the general health of the local population
  • protection of groundwater and the local environment
  • creating local jobs
  • capacity building for local craftsman
  • production of fertilizer and terra preta

The project in Lumbia was carried out in co-operation with the SuSan Center of Xavier University.

We thank the company LUSH for their genorous support of the project.