"Where Would You Hide?" Exhibition

"Sanitation is Dignity" is a travelling exhibition that has been shown around the world: both in prominent public places in countries with sanitation, and at conferences and parliament buildings of developing countries.


The exhibition places a spotlight on one of the most important, but often overlooked, basic human needs: access to a toilet.


As one of the three modules of the German Toilet Organization's "Sanitation is Dignity" Campaign, the exhibition teaches the public about the worldwide crisis and advocates the importance of sanitation to decision makers.

This exhibition has been successfully presented in various different countries (Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Kenya, France, Japan, Schweden, USA, China and Canada). During the UN International Year of Sanitation in 2008 (IYS 2008) the campaign has been upgraded, and is once again on its travels around the world!


In Countries with Sanitation
  • breaking the toilet taboo
  • raising public awareness of worldwide sanitation problems and MDGs
  • increasing the appreciation of human sanitation needs
  • building political and public willingness to make financial commitments towards sanitation, and to match those for water
In Countries with Inadequate Sanitation
  • breaking the toilet taboo
  • raising awareness of the interrelation of sanitation, health, hygiene, education, etc.
  • enabling partners in host countries to carry out the exhibition
  • building political will and action, thus encouraging increased budget spending for sanitation