The GTO is happy to anounce that UN-Water will support this module of the campaign for twelve months.


UN-Water is a mechanism to strengthen co-ordination and coherence among all UN bodies dealing with water-related issues.


UN-Water is responsible for organizing the annual United Nations World Water Day (22 March) and the Decade on Water 2005 - 2015.

GTO asks

Bring the “Where would you hide?” Exhibition to your City or Conference


The German Toilet Organization (GTO), with the support of UN Water, is providing a worldwide campaign called “Sanitation is dignity” to raise the level of awareness and advocacy with regard to sanitation. The campaign consists of various media including an exhibition, which is currently touring the world to communicate the value of safe sanitation to the general public, decision makers and the media.


The exhibition has been met with a great reception around the world and the positive media coverage received has shown how it has been successful in really raising awareness of the importance of good sanitation (health, economic benefits, dignity, social development and environmental protection). By effectively combining elements of humour and the seriousnes presentation of facts, the exhibition provokes onlookers to challenge their own toilet taboo.


The campaign is available to all interested organisations wishing to take it to their own region. To make the exhibition available to as many partners as possible we have worked out a range of different models which can be used, according to the situation and the funding available. For example, you can choose which of the available components you wish to make use of.  The campaign has also been translated into English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian to allow for international application.


If you are interested in any of the three campaign modules, please contact us, we would love to hear from you! The more we can get the message out there, the more success we will have in changing minds and attitudes.

  • Local organisations or donors to support the implementation of projects in their area.

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Website of the UN International Year of Sanitation 2008 in six UN languages:

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