Hygiene Promotion and Behaviour Change

Abstract: This two day seminar is designed to provide an introduction into the various aspects of hygiene measures and the challenges of the aimed behaviour changes in the sector of hygiene. Besides the implementation and the understanding the different factors in influence of the desired hygiene behaviour, various hygiene approaches and measures will be introduced through examples.



  • The meaning of hygiene measures
  • Special challenges
  • Overview of the most important and effective hygiene practices
  • Influencing factors for hygiene behaviour (FOAM)
  • Overview: hygiene approaches and methods (PHAST, CHAST, Community Health Clubs, Community- Led Total Sanitation, WASH in Schools etc.)
  • Hygiene promotion in humanitarian emergency aid
  • Online forums, networks, further information


Following the seminar, participants should have

  • basic knowledge of various hygienes measures
  • an overview of different approaches in hygiene education and behaviour change 
  • an understanding of the importance of hygiene-software measures in the field of WASH and its challanges

Target audience: The ideal participants for this seminar are those already working in a development focused NGO and running projects in the field of sanitation in the developing world. The seminar can also benefit those interested in the topic and wanting to gain experience in the field of development and hygiene. Pease note that the seminar will be conducted in German!


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