Advanced Seminar: Sustainable Sanitation

Abstract: The advanced training course aims to deepen the knowledge of the participants on sustainable sanitation in the context of development cooperation. The training topics range from detailed information on sustainable sanitation technologies and -systems to non-technical accompanying measures and financing. During the course we introduce various tools/toolboxes and will discuss project examples with regard to "best practices" and "lessons learned". 


  • Sustainable sanitation technologies and -systems (Hardware)
  • Non-technical accompanying measures and financing (Software)
  • Project examples: "lessons learned"
  • Forums, online tools, capacity building materials
  • Introduction selected hardware and software solutions


Following the seminar, participants will...

  • deepen their knowledge of the various non-technical of technical sanitation solutions
  • be able to use the acquired knowledge in practice
  • know various online forums and knowledge platforms, to deepen their knowledge independently

Target audience: The ideal participants for this seminar are those already working in a development focused NGO and running projects in the field of sanitation in the developing world. The seminar can also benefit those interested in the topic and wanting to gain experience in the field of development and sanitation. Participants should have participated in GTO basic sanitary course or should have working experiences in that field. Please note that the seminar will be conducted in German!


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