Sanitation trainings

The German Toilet Organization offers a variety of WASH related training courses for NGO’s.

The interactive courses are conducted over the weekend with a maximum of 20 participants and additional lectures from different organizations with longtime field experience.

Our existing trainings are the following:


  • Basic course SanABC: “Sustainable Sanitation in Development Cooperation”
  • Advanced course SanABCplus: “Sustainable Sanitation in development cooperation”
  • Basic course HygABC: “Hygiene Promotion and Behavior Change”
  • Basic course EmerSan: “Sustainable Sanitation in Emergencies and Reconstruction Situations”


Upcoming seminars:


December 06/07, 2014 in Berlin

Basic seminar: Hygiene Promotion and Behaviour Change


December 13/14, 2014 in Berlin

Basic seminar: Sustainable Sanitation


The exact date will be announced soon

Basic seminar: Sustainable Water Supply in Development Cooperation


If you or your organization are interested in taking part in the trainings any questions regarding the contents of the seminars, please feel free to contact the GTO:



!Please note that all courses in Germany will be held in German only!

Sanitation Training for German NGOs

The GTO, in collaboration with the ecosan-Programme of the German International Development Agency (GTZ), have developed a training programme for German NGOs.

The GTO has been inundated with requests from right across the NGO spectrum asking for assistance in understanding the field of sanitation, and in response we have started a series of training sessions in 2010.


The aim of the two-day training sessions San ABC is to discuss how specific technological solutions and sociological approaches can be applied, as well as giving an insight into the particular problems that may serve to hinder project implementation.

The first training took place end of 2010 at GTZ headquarters in Eschborn and by in Berlin (supported of the LEZ)

After feedback of participants who wished more detailed trainings in the field of sanitation we have also developed a advanced course called SanABC Plus which was first held in spring 2012.


Find more information here:


SanABC Plus


Are you interested in getting involved? If so, please get in touch with us:



We look forward to hearing from you!