Support German Toilet Organization’s (GTO) work to improve sanitation at home and abroad. GTO guarantees transparent, efficient and sustainable use of all funds. We focus on cooperation – strengthening and empowering affected groups through partnership and education.

Your donation makes GTO projects not only possible, but greater. GTO leverages donations, by getting other donors to match them. At the same time, all projects are carefully selected for a multiplier-effect in their impact. For example: rather than building toilets for 50 households, we prefer to coach others, who provide services for thousands of individuals. This is how we make the most out of your money – and how we jointly can have the largest impact in fighting the global sanitation crisis.

Thanks for your trust and support!

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How can I donate periodically?

When you fill out the online donation form, a query will open where you can set the rhythm of the donation (one time, monthly, yearly). Regular donations help us a lot because they make our work more predictable. Alternatively you can become a sustaining member.

How can I become a sustaining member?

Would you like to donate regularly and receive periodic updates from us? Then become a sustaining member. Contributions from supporting members are an important pillar for the financing of GTO’s work. You can find the application form and further information here.

Is my personal data safe when I donate online?

Your data is transmitted to the Bank für Sozialwirtschaft via an encrypted SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer) internet connection and is secure at all times. Find out more about this in our privacy policy.

Will I receive a donation receipt?

For donations up to 300 € the German tax authorities accepts a copy of your bank transfer or bank statement as a donation receipt. For donations of 300 € or more, the GTO will automatically send you a donation receipt in January of the following year. In order to send a donation receipt to you, you must enter your address in the online donation form or in the purpose reference of your bank transfer. In the case of regular donations, the GTO will issue as single donation receipt for the amounts donated during the year. On urgent request, the donation receipt can also be issued immediately.

Should I indicate a specific donation purpose?

Free donations without earmarking allows us to use the money where it is needed and save administrative costs at the same time. For this please use the keyword "donation" in the purpose reference of your transfer. You can also specify a specific purpose for which we will then use your donation. Please note: If the purpose of your donation is already fully financed, we will use your donation for other GTO projects.

How can I track the use of my donation?

According to the ten rules of the initiative "Transparent Civil Society" (Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft) the GTO has committed to publish extensive information on its status as a charity as well as the source and use of funds. This includes the association's statutes, the most recent annual reports, independently audited financial reports and the information personnel structure. Further information can be found here.

Who should I contact if I have questions about donations?

For questions around the topic "donations" please write to We will be happy to help you.