Toiletten machen Schule

Toiletten machen Schule

Does that sound familiar?

No soap, no toilet paper and nothing to dry your hands with. In addition, graffiti everywhere, overflowing urinals, broken toilet seats and terrible smells.

Are you tired of this situation?

Participate in our competition now and take up your chance to change something together. Become a role model for other schools.

The task

How can you improve the situation of your school toilets in the long run? Find answers together and submit your concepts.

Get involved together and form a “toilet committee” with your teachers, the school administration, the janitor or your parents. Together, you can develop new rules for using the toilets. Or, you design your toilets artistically – get creative for hygienic school toilets that everyone likes to use.

Of course you can complement your concepts with photos, posters, films, models and other multimedia formats.

What can you win?

The three schools with the best concepts win a cash prize of 10,000 € each for the implementation of their concept. In addition, there are non-cash prizes worth a total of 20,000 €. The winners will be selected by a jury of experts. You can find out more about the prize distribution and the evaluation criteria in the conditions of participation.

Who can participate?

All forms of German primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools. Each school can only submit one entry.

Important facts

Start of the competition: 15 October 2018
Closing date for entries: 1 April 2019
Award ceremony: beginning of May 2019

We are looking forward to your submissions!

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Partner competitions abroad

At the same time, the German Toilet Organization organizes partner competitions in Uganda and Pakistan in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Find out more about “Toilets Making the Grade”.

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  • 2/3
    of Berlin students avoid their school toilets
  • 57%
    think their school toilets are not clean
  • 38%
    of the parents are worried about the cleanliness of the toilets

Improve your school toilets
and win cash und non-cash prizes worth 50,000 €!


What should your contribution consist of?

Please use the participation form to submit your contribution. It is the heart of your concept and will help you take stock of your school toilets. The concept can be sent by post or digitally to the GTO. Only one concept may be submitted per school.

What should be the scope of your contribution?

Of course your concept can be supplemented with videos (YouTube format, max. 5 minutes), photos (jpeg format), audios (wav or mp3 format, max. 5 minutes), self-made models, etc. The concept should not exceed written 100 pages.

How is your concept evaluated?

In addition to the overall concept with feasible, original and creative ideas, attention is paid to whether there is a broad base of supporters at the schools. A team can consist of pupils, teachers, caretakers, school principals, parents and / or school social work. The quality of the problem analysis, i. e. the completed participation form and thus the investigation of the deeper causes of the problem, is also evaluated. It is important that your concept includes a holistic approach and proposes solutions in the three core areas of “Facilities”, “Appreciation / Awareness” and “Organizational Structures”. The benefits of the contribution for the school, the sustainability of the impact and the role model function are also evaluated.

Do your planned activities have to be carried out by the closing date?

With all the activities that will take place at your school over the next few months, you will of course be able to support your concept with, for example, pictures and documentation of your activities. Thus the concept gains credibility and is not ”only“ theoretical. Basically, however, it is not the time frame that is important, but the long-term nature of your concept. This means that the measures do not necessarily have to be completed by 1 April.

What is the Inspiration Package?

The Inspiration Pack is designed to help you create your concept and to inspire you with information and tips. In three steps, it will help you to walk the path of improving your school toilets together. For practical implementation, the Inspiration Pack contains two moderation guides for the “Four-Senses Inspection” method and for the “Every Voice Counts” method. These two methods will assist you in both a profound problem analysis and in developing an understanding of the mutual perspectives of the different groups of people. Because one thing is clear – in order to recognize common interests, you have to talk to each other.

The prize money will be awarded in the form of an earmarked donation. What does this mean?

The cash prizes – 10,000 € each for the three winners – will be transferred by the GTO to the support associations or school authorities as an earmarked donation. The donations are earmarked to the extent that they may only be used for the implementation of the competition concept and / or the improvement of sanitary facilities at the school. The cash prizes can only be awarded if the sponsoring associations or school authorities agree to issue a donation receipt to the GTO.

How are which non-cash prizes awarded?

The three winning schools will also receive vouchers worth at least 6,666 € to be exchanged for sanitary products from the Villeroy & Boch AG portfolio, which will be donated to the schools’ support associations or authorities as an earmarked donation in kind. Support associations or authorities must declare their willingness to issue a donation receipt confirming receipt of any donations in kind to Villeroy & Boch AG. The winning schools are not obliged to accept the donations in kind and to renew the equipment. Should the need to renew the school's equipment with sanitary products fall short of the voucher value, this must be reported to the GTO. This could mean that the unused voucher values could be transferred to another winning school with a higher demand.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners of the competition will be announced at the beginning of June 2019 and officially honored at an awards ceremony in mid-June.

Who can participate?

All types of schools can participate, from primary school, to secondary schools, to vocational schools.